Clothing Is NOT Optional

Bare Skins is a nudist organization. No, you can't keep your shorts on the first time and "just watch" the first time. (It makes the rest of us feel naked if you do that.) Jump in!


The club does not provide beer/wine/alcohol at any events. You must bring your own if you care to imbibe. Snitching others' booze will make you very unpopular. It will make you even more unpopular if you drink to excess, and could result in you being kicked out--and we could be on a boat!


Hosts generally provide an area for smoking. Keep that dirty little habit to the designated area, and be careful about where you throw your butts.

Did I Do That?

Speaking of butts, you must take your own towel to each party. You must put down the towel on any furniture before you sit down. Make sure it's a pretty one in nice bright colors so you don't lose it. If it's a pool or hot tub party, you might want to take an extra one, too.

Roaming Fingers

Bare Skins is a social club, not a sex club. You can look, but only touch if it is appropriate. Respect the space of anyone who does not wish to be touched. If you persist, you may be sitting on the curb next to that drunk who got kicked out. Be considerate!


We have members from all walks of life and we depend on each other to make sure that no one feels that they are "at risk" by attending one of our events. Our mailing list is confidential, and is never shared with any other organization. Don’t' share membership information with non-members. If you take a camera to any event, you must obtain permission before taking anyone's picture.

How to be Well-Dressed

At Bare Skins more than anywhere, you are always well dressed when you wear a smile. Join us and have a good time.